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Buy, Sell or Rent cars without any hassle. Its always FREE and we dont have any plans to make it a paid platform. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and list it.

Looking for a car to Buy or Rent?Its easy! Add our bot on Telegram to explore Bedela.

How different are we?

Bedela is a platform to make buy/sell/rent cars in Eithiopia as easy as it can be. No need for any registration process, just add our Bedela Bot on Telegram and have a wonderful experience on this platform. Telegram makes it easy to communicate and send messages across between buyers and sellers.

Finding your next car is easy and hassle free. All you need is Telegram to add our bot and start exploring all the available car listing. Interact with privacy without the need of disclosing your phone number. No commissions or usage fee. Its FREE
Have a car to list is easy and FREE. There are no listing fees, no setup charges or commissions involved. Interactions are private and one-on-one. No limits on the number of car listings. Go ahead post all your cars
Have lots of cars in your inventory? List it on Bedela for Rent and you will find many willing users to rent your listings. Its FREE to list, no fees or charges. There is no limit on the number of cars to be listed for rent.
Is your business related to auto industry? Be its product or services involving auto industry, reach us to display your business and reach out to right target audience. Contact us and enroll on Bedela

About Us

We are a team of seasoned software folks and thought of making selling/buying/renting cars easy. We used to have hard time registering and looking at cars on multiple places, car market place is an unorganized sector with listings scattered all around Ethiopia both online as well as offline. We always wanted to make it a pleasant experience where you can get on a platform and decide. This being our small step forward, we have created this platform on Telegram. No more tedious registration process, if you are already on Telegram, one needs to add our Bedela Bot and start using the platform. We would love to hear your experience and any issues or suggestions.


Looking for a car to Buy or Rent?Its easy! Add our bot on Telegram to explore Bedela.

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